Why not add a little adrenaline and adventure to your vacation in Dubrovnik? Something to remember, something that you’ll want to share with your friends and family when you get back home!
Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the water and fly 14 meters into the air! The Flyboard allows you to experience controlled flight, the feeling of accelerating freely on the water’s level and the most exhilarating: simulating the dolphin’s graceful swim! The Flyboard attaches to any personal water craft and the main thrust comes from your feet, so it feels like Iron Man!


flyboard dubrovnik


* Safety equipment
* Professional instructor
* Fuel is included in the price
* More than one person during the rental
* Instructions before the ride
* You can safely leave belongings with us during the ride
* Waterproof bags
* Photos can be taken by our staff


30min – 600kn (80 EUR) – 10min instructions / 20min Flyboard
60min – 1000kn (140 EUR) – 10min instructions / 50min Flyboard

Flyboard (30min) + Jet Ski (30min) package

1000kn (140 EUR)

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